A clear plan can help ease the transition of adding a new baby to a family. Hiring a postpartum doula allows you to shape your postpartum period in the way that is right for you and your family. Based on your parenting philosophies and the traditions your family holds close.

Night nurses or baby nannies are focused solely on baby care, but postpartum doulas are so much more. Doulas help the whole family adjust to having a newborn in the house. By attuning to the needs of you, your partner and your baby, we are able to give personalized care that exceeds expectations.

Every day is different with a new baby, and your doula is the one consistent thing you can count on. She can assist you with anything and everything, whether that means sitting with you while you talk through big emotions, holding your baby so that you can shower in peace, playing with your older children to keep them happy and occupied, or getting the house stocked with groceries.

Your postpartum doula can also help with:

Newborn care

Infant feeding – Breast or bottle

Newborn sleep patterns

Sibling adjustment

Establishing and maintaining routines


Errands, light housework, meal preparation

Lone Star Doulas offers robust support to Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio families with newborns. Our doulas are available to serve you during the day or overnight, as well as in a live-in capacity.

Many families appreciate overnight doula care, as they are able to get solid rest while knowing that their baby is being cared for by an expert. We will integrate your chosen feeding method overnight, whether that involves waking you for breastfeeding or bottle feeding, so that you and baby don’t miss a step!


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