Placenta encapsulation has become more and more mainstream in the past several years, and many women rely heavily on it during their postpartum recovery period.

Simply stated, placenta encapsulation is the process of dehydrating and crushing the mother’s placenta into capsule form. While individual results may vary, anecdotal evidence points to many benefits, such as:

Hormonal balancing

Increased milk supply

Decreased fatigue

Decreased postpartum bleeding

Lone Star Doulas upholds rigorous safety standards throughout the placenta encapsulation process. Clients in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio transport the placenta themselves to their own homes, thus ensuring that their placenta travels safely from the hospital to home. All processing takes place in the client’s home, which reduces the risk of exposure to unfamiliar bacteria.


Our postpartum placenta specialists are all trained through ProDoula’s Placenta Prep program, which requires students to adhere to World Health Organization standards for organ transplant. All of our specialists are certified in blood borne pathogens, which leaves clients feeling confident in their personal safety.

Your postpartum placenta specialist will work in your home for several hours over two days, after which you will have your placenta capsules and detailed guidelines for usage. All of the encapsulator’s equipment is properly sanitized and your kitchen will be left clean and sanitary.

Our specialists are also postpartum doulas, and are able to assist you while they are in your home for the encapsulation process. If you have questions or concerns about anything related to your baby or yourself, don’t hesitate to ask. Your placenta specialist is happy to support you.


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